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Gaogouli Red Ginseng Rootlets

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Gaogouli Red Ginseng Rootlets

Shou-Lao Tea & Herb

1 Bunch

Price: $8.50

Gaogouli Red Ginseng Rootlets

Ginseng Rootlets are a prized item for connoisseurs since they are much less expensive than whole ginseng roots, and can in some cases may contain higher levels of active ginseng saponin than the actual roots themselves. These rootlets are actually the tailings from the main root itself, they are carefully trimmed away, wrapped in bunches, and sold as separate items.

Traditionally these rootlets have a variety of uses. They are an excellent addition to any of your favorite soup recipes, and will add an extra Qi (energy) component to the nutrition of your meals when added to cuisine. They can be brewed as a tea, or if you wish they can be consumed as they are. If you wish to munch on them as a little tonic snack, it is advisable to steep a few rootlets in your favorite cup of tea for five or so minutes firstly, allowing them to soften appropriately before attempting to chew them as they can be quite hard. Consuming them in this way is actually very nice, efficient, and also much more convenient. It's important to remember that when ginseng is brewed as a tea, there will always be a certain amount of wastage of original product material when taking the evaporation that is present during the brewing process into account. 

Brewed As Tea: 2-5 oz for every 24 oz. of water / lightly simmer for 20-30 minutes

Origin: Jilin, China

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