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The Puerh Diet

The Puerh Diet

First of all for starters, get youself some Puerh tea, preferably a cooked or fermented Puerh, as they can be very easily consumed all day long. A good choice might be the Menghai 7562 Puerh Brick, which is a half pound of very good quality Puerh tea for just $18.95, this is an adequate amount for three weeks supply.

Upon Getting Up In The Morning, Follow The Instructions As Follows:

1) Heat water until boiling, and although the use of a gaiwan is best, pour boiling water into either teapot or a gaiwan using one piece of Puerh Brick tea. Steep for 3 seconds and pour off water. This is called "rinsing the tea." Add more water and steep for 3 seconds, then pour your tea into your cup, now your tea is ready to drink. Additional infusions should be steeped for longer, 5 seconds for the second infusion, 10 seconds for the third, up to 30 second for the last, now tea is almost depleted and it can be thrown out. This is the traditional way, however some prefer a stronger brew and will choose to use longer infusion times.

2) Time for breakfast! It's recommended that you eat as you normally do.

3) After breakfast, you can start your second servings of Puerh tea. Simply throw one piece of Puerh brick tea into a thermo cup, pull enough boiling water to cover the tea brick, steep for 5 seconds and pour water off. Refill up the thermo cup with all boiling water, and off you go to work. This is one way, however if one does not wish to leave the tea leaves inside the cup, infusing your Puerh again in your teapot and pouring it in your thermo cup is also fine.

4) At 11:00am-11:30am, it's time for your third servings of Pu-erh tea. Infuse your tea using your preferred method.

5) Lunchtime! Again, it's recommended that you eat as you normally do.

6) After lunch hour, Puerh tea plays a great role for your health. Be sure to drink some!

7) In the afternoon, before leaving for home, do have another round of tea.

8) If you are anxious to get the results, make it a light supper.

9) Your last round of tea should be drunk before 8-9pm.

10) Now your total count should be at around 24 cups of yummy Puerh tea for the day!

That's it! This is a simple weight loss formula for everyone. It has worked for many people including Victoria Beckham, and countless others, some losing up to twenty or more pounds by doing so. This is one healthy alternative to losing weight, no diet pills necessary.

Please Note: For the Puerh Beginner, this tea may not be to ones liking when first getting started, but hang in there you'll get used to it. Your digestion will be cleansed somewhat by this regimen, and ones blood stream will flow more freely. Ones Cholesterol Levels will naturally be reduced to if you keep drinking Puerh.