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Boxed Beauty

Boxed Beauty Image
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Boxed Beauty

Motives by Loren Ridinger

All-In-One Kit

Price: $29.95

Motives® Boxed Beauty

Primary Benefits of Motives® Boxed Beauty:

    •    All-in-one kit perfect for changing looks while traveling
    •    Six versatile eye shadow shades to design any look
    •    Two blush shades to complement any skin tone

Key Ingredients Found in Motives® Boxed Beauty:

Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2

Acts as a skin conditioning emollient that helps bind water to keep the skin hydrated, keep the skin looking soft and smooth, and imparts a shine to the skin. 


A silicone-based polymer, dimethicone acts as a skin conditioning agent to slow water loss from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface. Dimethicone is also well known for its flow properties, which enhance the smooth application of personal care products.

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

In addition to its role in thickening cosmetic and personal care products, hydrogenated polyisobutene also acts as a lubricant on the skin’s surface, helping to keep the skin looking smooth and soft.  


Mica is a transparent earth mineral used to create mineral cosmetics that enhance the natural beauty of skin. Due to its low level of sheen, mica reflects light away from imperfections on the skin, offering a more youthful appearance.

Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate

Made from a naturally-occurring fatty acid, stearic acid, octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate slows water loss from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Vitamin E is a powerful natural antioxidant vitamin that helps to protect and nourish your skin. Vitamin E helps to moisturize your skin while also protecting it from environmental factors, giving your skin a healthy and more youthful appearance.

What Makes Motives® Boxed Beauty Unique?

Your beauty will know no boundaries thanks to Motives Boxed Beauty. Perfect for fashionistas who want access to great cosmetics at any time, Motives Boxed Beauty includes six eye shadows and two blushes, all in one amazing little box. Boxed Beauty ensures you always have the perfect look at your finger tips for any occasion. Take your glam on the go with Motives Boxed Beauty!

Frequently Asked Questions about Motives® Boxed Beauty:

How is Motives Boxed Beauty different than Compact Beauty?

Motives Boxed Beauty allows you to mix and match six eye shadows to create a variety of looks, with two blushes to complement any eye design. Motives Compact Beauty contains four eye shadows to create a look that can easily transition from day to night with six lipsticks that can be mixed and matched to complement the transition.

What is included in Motives Boxed Beauty?

Motives Boxed Beauty includes six versatile eye shadows and two blushes to create any look.

What type of finish do the included eye shadows come in?

The six eye shadows come in a shimmery finish, which is ideal for creating a subtle, daytime look and allows you to easily dress it up by layering for going out at night.

Is Motives Boxed Beauty for all skin types?

Yes, it includes two blush shades to complement any skin tone.

Is this product animal tested?

No, this product has not been animal tested.