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Return To Youth

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Return To Youth

Dragon Herbs

100 capsules 500 mg each

Price: $21.00

Return To Youth Formula

Return to Youth Formula is traditionally used to help strengthen the sense organs, improve memory and the ability to concentrate, to overcome general weakness, chronic fatigue, to enhance male potency and female libido and fertility, and for premature aging and rapid degeneration. This superb essence (Jing) tonic is suited to men and women of all ages.

More About The Herbs In Return To Youth Formula

Lycium (also known as Goji berry) and Steamed Rehmannia are two of the primary antiaging herbs used in Chinese tonic herbalism. They are both superb Yin Jing tonics that tonify the Kidney Yin. Lycium (also known as Goji berry) is singularly the most popular antiaging herb used throughout Asia. It restores Jing and helps build strong blood. It regulates blood sugar and has potent immunomodulating activities. It is known to be of great benefit to the eyes and to vision, and has been shown to improve other senses as well. It is renowned for its mood elevating effects. And it is one of the primary herbs used to strengthen sexual functions in both men and women.
Steamed Rehmannia is said to be the “Kidney’s own food.” It is a fundamental Kidney tonic in Chinese tonic herbalism, and is considered to be a primary longevity herb. It is found in a great many common “anti-aging” formulations.  It is considered rejuvenating and life lengthening.  Steamed Rehmannia is a fundamental Yin Jing tonic, providing Yin directly to the Kidney. It is quick and effective. Steamed Rehmannia is said to benefit sexual functions in men and women and is included in almost every formula that is designed to strengthen reproductive functions, including fertility. It forms the Yin base of many men’s potency formulas. In such formulas, Steamed Rehmannia may be combined with a whole range of tonic herbs, including super tonics such as Deer Antler, Ginseng, Cordyceps and Astragalus. Steamed Rehmannia is a major blood tonic. This is of course of special importance to women, who always need to rebuild blood. Steamed Rehmannia is usually combined with Qi tonics to improve its assimilation. Lycium, steamed Rehmannia, and Cornus Fruit nourish the Yin of the Kidney. Lycium and steamed Rehmannia strengthen the Blood.
Eucommia, Cistanche and Morinda are three of the finest Yang Jing tonics produced by Nature. They are the three truly elite vegetable-source Yang tonic herbs in the Chinese herbal system. Cistanche, Eucommia and Morinda tonify the Kidney Yang and with Achyranthes, invigorate sexual functions and strengthen the bones and ligaments, especially those of the back and knees. Dioscorea, Broussonetia and Schizandra further nourish the Kidney.  Lycium, Schizandra, Achyranthes, Broussonetia, Steamed Rehmannia and Cornus all strengthen the Liver and promote visual ability.
Schizandra Berry and Cornus Fruit are astringents to the Essence (Jing), locking the Kidney nourishment in and preventing a leaking of essence. Schizandra, Cornus, Cistanche and Morinda are considered "aphrodisiac" in China. Schizandra acts as tonic to all of the organs, helping to strengthen and regulate their functions, and strengthens the brain and improves concentration.
Polygala, Steamed Rehmannia and Poria strengthen the Heart. Schizandra, Poria, Zizyphus Seed and Polygala are all superb Shen tonics.  Polygala opens the connecting channel between the Kidney and Heart, giving the organism a greater ability to process the emotions of love, passion, will, courage and fear. 
Fennel, Poria and Dioscorea all tonify the Spleen and Stomach function. Dioscorea, Poria and Broussonetia help to clear excess moisture.  Jujube is a Spleen tonic which harmonizes the herbs so they function well together.


Return to Youth Formula forms the foundation of other major Jing formulations including Imperial Garden and Supreme Creation, which are the “imperial versions.”  Supreme Creation adds Deer Antler, Placenta and Ginseng to the mix. This superb tonic is suited to men and women of all ages. Imperial Garden adds Cordyceps

Traditional Function: Tonifies Yin and Yang Jing, Qi, Blood and Shen.

Who Can Use It? Anyone

Concentration: 8:1

Specifications: 100 capusles, 500 mg each

Ingredients: Red Jujube fruit, Schisandra fruit, Eucommia bark, Achyranthes root, Cornus fruit, Broussonetia fruit, Polygala  root, Chinese Yam rhizome, Lycium fruit, Prepared Rehmannia root, Poria sclerotium, Morinda root, Fennel fruit, Cistanche Stem.

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules (Pullulan caps 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process; vegetable origin; non-GMO; no starch, preservative or chemical modifications; gluten free.), rice powder.

Usage: Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”
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