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Super Jing

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Super Jing

Dragon Herbs

100 capsules 500 mg each

Price: $41.00

Super Jing

Super Jing is a powerful primal essence formulation. It is suitable for those who require maximum restoration of essence after extreme or prolonged stress, illness or old age. It is particularly suitable for those women who have been pregnant and for those who have just given birth to a child. Super Jing tonifies Kidney essence (Yin and Yang), builds blood, tonifies Qi and purges false fire.
The formula is significantly strengthened by combining it with Deer Placenta, which is the most potent Jing restorative known to Chinese tonic herbalism. To further enhance the functions of this formula, drink one or two packets of Healer's Tea every day.

The Herbs in Super Jing Formulation

Yin Jing is easily depleted by excessive stress, over work, and by excessive sexual activity (beyond the body’s actual capacity) and drug abuse. As the Yin Jing becomes depleted, Yang is left uncontrolled and false fire conditions can easily develop, resulting in hyperactive Yang. If the condition is left untreated, severe damage will inevitably result.  Yin Jing is synonymous with life itself.  It protects our youthfulness.  When a person runs low on Yin Jing, they age very quickly.  When a person runs out of Yin Jing, they die.  Therefore, Yin Jing deficiency is very serious and must be avoided at all cost.  That is where herbs like Lycium, Polygonum and Steamed Rehmannia come into play.  But if Yin Jing deficiency does occur, it must be treated as quickly and effectively as possible.  That is where Tortoise plastron comes in.  It is powerful, effective, and quick.  If the symptoms of exhaustion do include hyperactive symptoms, such as afternoon fevers, inflammation, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, etc., blend the Tortoise Plastron with cold herbs like Dendrobium, raw Rehmannia, Phellodendron, Anemarrhena, etc.  This combination will replenish fluids (Yin) and Kidney Yin (Yin essence).
Tortoise Plastron is an important tonic, used routinely in “restorative” formulas for people who are experiencing exhaustion.  It replenishes bodily fluids, and settles unruly wind, which manifests in Yin-deficiency cases as inflammation, pain, cramps, fever, dehydration, insomnia, etc.  Due to its Yin nourishing ability and to the fact that it is a cold herb, it is capable of extinguishing false fire conditions anywhere in the body.
Because of its role in nurturing new life, Deer Placenta is considered to be the most profound substance for replenishing Yin and Yang Jing and blood. It is also considered to be a major Qi tonic. It is the dominant ingredient in many of the greatest "restorative" formulations, where quick and powerful replenishment is required. Sheep are the most common source of Placenta at this time. These placenta are prepared by high-technology pharmaceutical factories.
Cordyceps is one of the absolute superstars of the Chinese tonic herbal system. It is an extremely effective and powerful life-enhancing agent. This rare and precious herb is considered to be a moderately Yang primal essence (Jing) tonic of the highest stature. It has enormous renown as a supersonic, and is said to build sexual and physical power, mental energy, the immune system and is universally believed in the Orient to prolong life. Cordyceps is used to strengthen the body and mind at a fundamental level. It is said to be able to increase the “primary motive force for life activities.”  Because it contains both Yin and Yang it can be used by anyone safely and over a long period of time. It replenishes Yin Jing, restoring the deep energy expended as a result of excessive exertion, adapting to stress or from aging. Cordyceps is thus one of the primary herbal substances used in tonic herbalism as an anti-aging agent and for the purposes of rejuvenation. Cordyceps is very widely used for the purposes of strengthening the primal Kidney functions, which include sexual functions, brain power, structural integrity and healing ability. It is a very powerful Yang tonic. Consistent use of Cordyceps helps to strengthen the skeletal structure, and specifically benefits the lower back region, the knees and ankles. It is used for backache due to injury, fatigue, stress or simple aging.
Cordyceps is also a major Lung tonic. It can be used to strengthen respiratory power in those who require extra energy in order to perform physical work (e.g. labor, sports or exercise) or it can be used by those who suffer from deficiency of Lung power. It is especially beneficial to those who suffer chronic Lung weakness with cough, wheezing or shortness of breath.
Cordyceps is highly regarded in China as a tonic for those who are recovering from an illness or an operation, or after giving birth. In these cases, the Cordyceps helps the patient recover their physical power, to improve their appetite, and to protect the body from infection.
Astragalus and Codonopsis are powerful yet gentle Qi tonics. If someone is thoroughly exhausted but is not yet showing such hot symptoms, or if the hot symptoms have already been overcome but more restorative therapy is required, then Tortoise Plastron and a variety of cooling Yin herbs may be blended with Astragalus, Codonopsis and other Qi tonics to create a restorative formula.
Eucommia is a superb Yang Jing tonic, used to strengthen the back (especially the lower back), skeleton, and joints (especially the knees and ankles). Eucommia is widely used in China as a safe and effective Yang tonic for men and women. It is very well tolerated so it may be used by those in a very weak condition. Eucommia is believed to confer strength and flexibility to the ligaments and tendons. It is used to strengthen the back, knees, and the entire body.
Cornus, Asparagus Root, and Raw Rehmannia confer strength to the Kidney system and relieve false fire. Ophiopogon and Asparagus Root restore bodily fluids and gently strengthen the body. Phellodendron is a cold herb that eliminates false fire.
Super Jing Formulation is thus a blend of Yin and Yang tonics designed to build the entire system up from the roots. Again, Super Jing Formulation is significantly strengthened by combining with Deer Placenta, which is the most potent Jing restorative known to Chinese tonic herbalism. To further enhance the functions of this formula, drink one or two packets of Healer's Tea every day.

Traditional Function: Tonifies Kidney Essence (Yin and Yang), Builds Blood, Tonifies Qi and Purges False Fire.

Who Can Use It? It is suitable for those who require maximum restoration of Jing after extreme or prolonged stress, illness or because of a decline in energy as a result of aging. It is especially suitable for those women who have been pregnant and for those who have recently given birth to a child. It is a superb formula for menopausal women and for men who have noted a sharp acceleration in the aging process due to stress, drugs or sexual excess.

Concentration: 8:1

Specifications: 100 capsules 500 mg each

Ingredients: Cordyceps mycelium, Placenta hominis, Tortoise shell, Chinese Asparagus root, Raw Rehmannia root, Astragalus root, Eucommia bark, Prepared Rehmannia root, Cornus officinalis fruit, Codonopsis root, Ophiopogon tuber, Phellodendron bark.

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules (Pullulan caps 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process; vegetable origin; non-GMO; no starch, preservative or chemical modifications; gluten free.), rice powder.

Usage: Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”
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