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Energy Wand

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Energy Wand


Price: $69.95

The Energy Wand

What Is The Energy Wand?

HTE developed The Energy Wand as an alternative way to directly stimulate the meridians along our body. Meridians are invisible pathways or channels in the body. Our vital energy, “Chi”, is thought to flow along these meridians. Anything that disrupts the smooth flow of “Chi” is said to cause illness.

The Energy Wand is designed to be used at the same time with the E-Power to unblock the “Chi” blockage in these pathways through the Negative Potential Energy provided by the E-Power.

Why the E-Power + The Energy Wand?

The Energy Wand by itself doesn’t perform any function. If we use it while we are on the E-Power, The Energy Wand will act as a conductor of the Negative Potential Energy.

By evenly gliding The Energy Wand through the meridians along the arms and legs, it will unblock the energy blockage in these pathways and stimulate blood flow.

Why Do We Need to Maintain a Good Energy Flow?

Organs carry out important functions which regulate everything from the simplest to the most complicated body functions. A good and balanced energy in the organs will promote a continuous and healthy performance of the organ.

Safe And Easy To Use

  • Remove any metal accessories, for example, jewelry, cell phones, iPod, etc.
  • Turn the E-Power on to the Low Mode (mode can be increased as you get experienced) while the E-Power belt is around your body.
  • Simply let the cable of the Energy Wand lay on the floor without touching any part of the E-Power or its cable.
  • Gently glide the Energy Wand on the surface skin without adding any pressure.
    • The Energy Wand should be used in combination with the E-Power! The negative ions provided by the E-Power will be activated by the Energy Wand.
    • DO NOT connect The Energy Wand to any other power source.
    • The Cable of the Energy Wand is designed to make contact with the ground and not on any metal surface.
    • Try to avoid using the Wand on sensitive skin areas.
    • Do not use the Wand on your face.
    • While gliding the Wand, make sure all 7 pins of the Wand make full contact with the skin. An electrical shock may occur if all 7 pins do not make contact due to a significant amount of negative potential passing through those few pins that make contact.
    • To clean the Energy Wand, use an alcohol pad or a cloth/paper towel damped in soapy water, and gently rub the 7 pins. 
    • If the end of the wire on the Energy Wand cannot make contact with a floor or a surface, it will still be activated and conduct negative potential energy from the E-Power.  However, it will not be as effective as being fully grounded and making contact with a floor or surface. For this situation, it is recommended to turn the EPA to a higher level.
    • Please note, the activation light may not illuminate if the E-Power user operates the Energy Wand on oneself.  This is because the user is surrounded by a significant amount of negative potential with much less positive field action to ground the Energy Wand. However, the Energy Wand will still conduct negative potential electricity along any desired areas where placed. The Energy Wand will be more effective if operated by someone other than the E-Power user because of their positive field area.
    • Please be aware that it may be possible for the Energy Wand to cause small fine hairs along the arms and legs to burn away and omit a burning smell. This is normal and considered to be a natural occurrence from the strength of the negative potential electricity. It should also be noted that the Energy Wand should not stay still on the same spot for more than 3 seconds.
    • Although this product is safe to use and no adverse effects have been reported, we strongly suggest that you consult with your healthcare provider before using the E-Power and The Energy Wand.

DO NOT USE this product under the following conditions:

  • If your healthcare provider believes this product is not suitable for you.
  • If you suffer from a disease that has not been clearly diagnosed.
  • If you are under medical treatment and have not fully recovered.
  • If you have recently underwent a surgery.
  • If you have an open wound that has not healed or an unusual skin condition.
  • Infants or very young children, people incapable of moving or that are unconscious. Pregnant women and women in their menstrual period.
  • If you have any electric or battery operated device installed to your body (ex. pacemaker).
  • If this product causes any discomfort or fever.


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