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Fossilized Coral Calcium

Fossilized Coral Calcium Image
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Fossilized Coral Calcium

Perfect Mother Nature

3.3 Micron Powdered Coral Cacium - 5.3 oz

Price: $28.65

100% Pure Powdered Fossilized Coral Calcium
Organic Coral Calcium Containing Naturally Occurring 74 Trace Minerals


Perfect Mother Nature's Quality Assurance

It is Perfect Mother Nature's mission to offer 100% Natural Products. 100% Pure Powdered Fossilized Coral Calcium is an assured product without the additives which can be found to be  present in most manufacturing processes. It is these additives containing flow agents, fillers and binders that allow for adhesive coatings to occur, which in turn may negatively affect the digestive tract.

Fossilized Coral Calcium Can Address Many Underlying Physiological Problems Such As:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Immune System
  • Bad Blood Circulation
  • Weakened Bones and Muscle
  • Osteoporosis etc...

Calcium Deficiency

Majority of American men, women and children fail to replenish daily intake of proper calcium supplement based on poor and unhealthy diet practices. You can incorporate Perfect Mother Nature Coral Calcium™ with any foods you eat, or any food product you are processing commercially and contributing to the wellness of people in America as well as in other countries. Perfect Mother Nature Coral Calcium™ is Functional Calcium Metabolizer.

For example, Perfect Mother Nature™ 100% Pure Fossilized Coral Calcium helps to alleviate conditions of arthritis by reducing pains and increasing muscle and joint mobility, reducing and controlling of acidity in the stomach, regulating high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, relieving osteoporosis, detoxifying and cleansing kidneys, intestines and liver, and other degenerative diseases described in several books.

Author Of "Fossil Stony Coral Minerals And Their Nutritional Application,"  Dr. Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. says:


"Medical case histories written by credentialed physicians on Neurotoxin Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Ulcerative Colitis, Dizzilness/Fatigue, Rheumatoid /Osteoarthritis, Reflux Esophagitis/Gastritis, Chronic Tendinitis and etc. In addition to medical case histories, there are hundreds of other could have been used. They are sufficient to show clinical evidence that the chemical substances in the fossilized Coral Minerals have both nutritional and therapeutic benefits that are worthy of further medical investigation."

Perfect Mother Nature Fossilized Coral Calcium™ has been contributing to enhanced well-being above all, and to improving the quality of life.

Most benefits can be been recognized within a few days, although allow continued usage for up to 3 months to see full results, as the time it takes to notice improvements varies from one individual to the next.

What Is Perfect Mother Nature™Fossilized Coral?


Perfect Mother Nature™ is the only 100% Pure Fossilized, Ionic and Organic Coral Calcium Minerals, as well as the only 3.3 micron very fine powder certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Perfect Mother Nature™Coral Calcium is also certified as Food Grade by the Japanese Government. Perfect Mother Nature™Coral Calcium is Aragonite Calcium Carbonate and contains non-calcined coral minerals and has no odor nor taste. Perfect Mother Nature™ is mined directly from ancient coral beds above sea level on the Island of Okinawa, Japan where the estimated amount of the deposit is about 10 billion pounds. Perfect Mother Nature™ contains 40% calcium as well as an additional 74 other trace minerals which work together to achieve a homeostatic balance in the body's chemistry. Perfect Mother Nature™ Coral Calcium contains every mineral in similar proportion that is found in the human body.

Don’t be fooled by other inferior products from big companies with marketing strategies toward body builders that claim to be Eco-Safe. Inferior Coral Calcium Powder Products can be identified by the lack of standardizations and simple variances in their final product. A Coral Calcium product that cannot clearly state the fine powdered micron to the exact number cannot in good faith claim to have passed the strict certifications of the Japanese Government, as there can be no such variances under certification protocols.

Maximum Calcium Absorbtion And Assimilation


Bio-Available Calcium with 74 Trace Minerals

"The most suitable and effective calcium supplement is carbonate calcium which has two types, Aragonite Calcium Carbonate (ACC) and calcite calcium carbonate (CCC). They are chemically identical but differ in crystallization and specific gravity. The ionization process of the fossilized ACC is 6 times greater than that of calcite calcium carbonate. Other distinctive differences between ACC and CCC are evident when both of them are oxidized. ACC, or fossilized coral calcium, has characteristics of further micro-structured particles, whereas CCC solidifies or becomes cemented. This may suggest possible cementation of calcite in the muscles and the nerve systems from other undesirable calcium compounds. In contrast to calcite, ACC becomes condensed in stomach fluids, which enables better absorption and effective calcium assimilation."

Note: There is a wide spread notion that a surplus of calcium can lead to deposits of calcium in tissues other than bone. A deficiency of calcium weakens the bones and can lead to rickets. This is described in a typical home medical encyclopedia. Perhaps the authors of the encyclopedia are talking about calcite calcium carbonate or he/she might not be aware that the two types of calcium carbonate described above do exist.

Sugar Dissolves Bones

If you could see affected bones anatomically, you would be stricken with terror at having discovered that they are eroded and resemble beehives. When diets having less sugar are followed fewer bacilli appear in the saliva, which in turn is a diet that does not cause undo decaying. White sugar is one of the unhealthiest foods on the market. Sugar may be a major contributing factor to the rising hyperactivity of school-age children. Sugar depletes calcium in the youngsters and reduces the calcium in the blood, which means more hyperactive and irritable kids at school. Sugar has also been shown to depress the immune system.

General Instructions On Usage

Put 2 grams of Perfect Mother Nature™ Coral Calcium into a half-gallon (1.89 Liter) of water and consume little by little throughout the day. Please do not gulp your bottled mineral water, as this may dilute the acidic and gastric juices in your stomach.

A General Warning By A Medical Doctor In Japan:

Refrain from drinking cold water and/or cold drinks. There is the definite co-relationship between soda and allergies according to a Japanese medical doctor. People with allergic reaction are consuming a great amount of cold soda, such as cola, beer, cider etc., which must be cold or otherwise they are not tasty. The combination of carbonic acid gas and cold drink are real culprit of the allergic reaction. Young people consuming cold soda are suffering from tenacious atopic dermatitis. In addition, people who like to drink cold soda are suffering from addiction to cold drinks or a vicious circle of cold and allergy. In addition, soda is loaded with simple sugar that robs your calcium deposits in your bones and is loaded with phosphorous which depletes your calcium. Our own favorite beverages are over time harming us.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in food industry. Are you still drinking MILK to replenish your Calcium? Please read Milk, The Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen.

Natural Bio-Available Fossilized Coral Calcium Versus A Hard Manufactured Tablet

With the growing variety of products emerging in the Coral Calcium market, one should know several facts before choosing which supplement to buy. What is the difference between our Coral Calcium and others? Perfect Mother Nature™ is the only Coral Calcium that shows an Aragonite-Crystalline structure when viewed via x-ray diffraction or when viewed using other analytical instruments. Perfect Mother Nature™ is also the only product in the world that contains non-calcined coral minerals; meaning only low temperatures are used in the heating process. The natural inherant and kinetic energetic elements found in Fossilized Coral Minerals can be altered and/or destroyed depending on how they are processed, so the preservation of these properties requires low temperatures when heating. Unlike other makers of calcium products that use high temperatures, the properties of the calcium found in Perfect Mother Nature™ are guaranteed to remain pure and unchanged. Studies have recently shown that calcium deposits and/or ingesting inferior Coral Calcium might be responsible for the abnormal hardening of soft tissues such as the heart valves, kidney stones, bone spur, etc. It is time to research and study how different crystalline structures affect our bodies on the synergistic level. More of this kind of clinical research is long overdue. The following tests clearly show the differences between Aragonite (ACC) and Calcite (CCC) calcium. In other words, this test shows the differences between the Aragonite-structured Coral Calcium (Superior Calcium) and Calcite-structured Coral Calcium (Inferior Calcium)

Both of the Coral Calcium mentioned are chemically identical but differ in crystallization. The Aragonite Crystalline (ACC) structure is rhombus (orthorhombic), whereas Calcite (CCC) has a Trigonal-Hexagonal Scalenohedral Shape.

These are the Water Soluble Test Results of Aragonite Coral Calcium (ACC) and Calcite Coral Calcium (CCC) in 100ml of distilled water for four (4) days after filtration. The filtration paper and residues were heated using a platinum crucible, and the residue material was then weighed after the remaining CO2 and filtered paper were removed.

A Little Science On Calcium - Calcium Form Degree Of Solubility:

Calcite 4.52
mg/100 ml
40.49mg/100 ml

Tested And Analyzed

More Science - Cementation Function Of Test (Calcium Deposit)

As far as we know, nobody has revealed information concerning this crucial test. US manufacturers of calcium supplements may have conducted such tests, but if they have, they have certainly not made their test results known to the public.

Test Results Of Cementation:

- Aragonite Coral Calcium (ACC) - There is no cementation (No calcium deposit)
- Calcite Coral Calcium (CCC) - There is cementation


Mixtures of sand were made with the soil containing iron and Alumina. Then different amounts of aragonite powder and calcite powder were added respectively into the mixture and were mixed well. 3-4 days passed, exposing the mixture to the surrounding air.
The results: Aragonite (ACC) did not possess any cementation or solidifying effects. Calcite (CCC), however, possessed solidifying properties. This may help explain why Calcite is used as one of the raw materials involved with cement production!
Based on the above results, there is a strong indicator a co-relationship between calcium deposits in our body and Calcite (CCC) exists, while there is no cementation effect with Aragonite (ACC) in the body.
There have been hundreds of people taking Perfect Mother Nature™ for the past 10 years and nobody has experienced any of the cementation effects that the consumers of other calcium products have been complaining about. Even in extreme cases, such as people taking 30 grams of GC - Perfect Mother Nature™ Coral Calcium on a daily basis, there were no signs of cementation. Other consumers using different coral calcium products have had different results. They have other stories to share with the public due to the cementation effect linked with the Calcite (CCC) type of calcium.

Lets not gamble with our bodies, research your coral calcium and ask questions. Don't settle for anything that might prove to be of inferior quality.

Above Sea Fossilized Coral Versus Marine Sea Coral

Dredging Ship 3

Thousands of years ago this coral was a thriving coral reef. Geologically this coral was pushed up above sea level long before the oceanic pollution created since the industrial era.

This harvesting process involves removal of the protective layer of soil that accumulated over time, then simply collecting the ancient coral. The environmental consequences are similar to any small land based mining operation. After the coral is collected it is ground into a 3.3 micron size powder (smaller than a red blood cell). After grinding, the coral is purified in a vacuum ozone chamber and then packaged for distribution Above sea harvesting respects the fragile state of the coral reefs and the oceanic environment. Unfortunately other companies do take dead coral rubble from the ocean.

Dredging the ocean floor devastates the oceanic ecology and is detrimental to living reef systems. Coral larvae propagate in the dead coral debris and any disturbances directly affect the health of these fragile living reef systems.

The turbidity created from a dredging ship will settle on a reef and kill it.

What The Scholars Have To Say About Coral

Dr. Michael DowgialloClearing large areas of coral rubble would certainly impact reef ecosystems, not only because coral larvae settle on rubble (which is well-documented), but also because there are countless organisms that inhabit spaces within corals and rubble. Removing coral rubble from areas where the underlying sediment is unsuitable for larval settlement would certainly inhibit new corals from attaching and growing. I can't conceive that this practice would not negatively affect the long-term integrity of most coral reef ecosystems . There are other complexities such as the removal of coral rubble that would change micro-flow patterns near the underlying substrate, in turn affecting the settling ability of coral larvae.

Dr. Michael Dowgiallo, Ph.D., Coral Reef Program Coordinator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

John Clark Field

I would have an extremely hard time believing anyone who suggests that this activity would be benign . Dead corals may act as a substrate for new colonizers, so vacuuming up even dead corals or coral fragments might hinder the ability of reefs to recover in the future. Even if dredging/vacuuming is occurring where there are no (or few) corals, there are certainly other organisms being directly effected, such as sea whips and anemones, many of which also provide structure to benthic habitats and thus provide essential ecosystem functions (such as hiding places for juvenile fish and substrate for various life stages of benthic invertebrates.

John Clark Field, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, University of Washington

This activity can hard the corals and the organisms that live in and on them in two ways. First, the dredging and vacuuming activity loosens and stirs up large amounts of sediment in the water. This sediment smothers and kills corals and other organisms in the ecosystem. An additional adverse effect of stirring up the sediment with the dredging and vacuuming activities is that the turbidity of the water prevents light from reaching the corals, and the corals need light in order to survive and grow. Secondly, reefs are formed (and grow) by a process of bioaccretion (cementing together) of carbonate particles that have been removed from the living coral by bioerosion. If all the sediment that has accumulated around a reef (especially that which has already begun to solidify and hence does not risk smothering the reef) is scraped away, the reef loses its capability to grow and keep up with sea-level rise. Failure to grow and keep pace with sea-level rise would mean the demise of the reef because the corals need light and thus must be near the surface in order to live.

Dr. Marjorie L. Reaka-Kudia, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biology, The University of Maryland

Kenneth R. Weiss

Bottom trawling, or dragging nets along the ocean floor to catch fish, is so devastating to the marine environment that the practice should be banned from fragile areas, according to a U.S. National Academy of Sciences report released yesterday. The report, which was requested by the National Marine Fisheries Service, recommended protecting areas along the Pacific Coast, the North Atlantic, the Gulf Coast, and the Alaskan Coast, reducing trawling elsewhere, and requiring modifications to equipment to minimize damage. The recommendations were welcomed by environmentalists, some of whom compare bottom trawling to clear-cutting. A bipartisan group of Congress members plans to introduce legislation today to restrict bottom trawling.

National Academy of Sciences reporting on Trawling, Los Angeles Times, Kenneth R. Weiss

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