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Miracle II Original Soap

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Miracle II Original Soap

Miracle II Products

Original Miracle II Soap

The soap that started it all! Truly one of the most amazing products. Revealed to Clayton Tedeton more than 24 years ago. New uses are found all the time. It's a soap, cleaning agent, degreaser, and deodorizer all in one! Miracle II Soap cleans your home, laundry, face & skin, your car, and a whole lot more -- including your windows. Most of this natural product is from the dust of the earth, without the drawbacks and harsh ingredients of regular soaps or detergents. Naturally concentrated, and biodegradable. Dilute it to create solutions for heavy, medium, or light cleaning.

Formulated With: Energized Stabilized Oxygenated Water - Dehydrabiethylanmine (Substitude name for proprietary ingredient) - Ash of Dedecly Solution - Calcium - Potassium - Magnesium - Foaming Agent (Coconut extract).

The Miracle II Products have emerged from Clayton Tedaton’s divine inspiration over the past two decades. Each product is miraculous in its own way. To date, thousands of satisfied users have discovered the myriad uses of these products. Miracle II products are made from Natural Minerals, Sea-Salts, and Cold Pressed Virgin Oils. Miracle II Products are all natural, not toxic and biodegradable. There are no added fragrances, colors, agents, or perfumes. Find out for yourself why so many are calling these products a miracle.


IMPORTANT NOTE: As with any new product you may start using, always check for allergic reactions prior to full use.

BATHING : Use 1 capful (1/2 oz) of Soap (Moisturizing Soap if you have dry skin)plus 1 capful (1/2 ounce of Neutralizer liquid in bathwater. Pour Soap right under faucet to get soap suds. Bathe for 30 minutes (but no more than an hour) 3x per week. (i.e. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

BODY ODOR : Bathe with Miracle II Soap and spray Neutralizer liquid or apply Neutralizer gel.

BRUSHING TEETH : Spray Neutralizer liquid in mouth 4 or 5 sprays, swish around mouth then expectorates. Apply Neutralizer gel on toothbrush and brush. Brush teeth daily with Neutralizer Gel and one drop of Soap. This will help remove stains and plaque from teeth. Then spray with liquid Neutralizer and brush for a rinse. Results will really be surprising whiter, cleaner teeth and healthy mouth! Excellent for fighting gingivitis.

By swallowing the last rinse, enough Soap is ingested to keep the intestines free from parasites.

CARPET STAINS : Spray stain with Miracle II Neutralizer liquid. Apply few drops of Miracle II Soap over stain. Pull stain out with edge of glass or use the edge of a cardboard.

CLEANING LAUNDRY : Use 1 oz of Miracle II Soap, for stains, pre-soak as you normally do.

CLEAN MINOR CUTS, AND SCRATCHES : Wash area with Miracle II Soap and then spray area with Miracle II Neutralizer liquid and then use the Neutralizer gel to keep it clean.

DEEP CLEANSING: Miracle II has a 3-step process to help cure skin problems and relieve pain and swelling. This process is called Deep Cleansing. We have learned that teaching people how to do this process enables them to instantly demonstrate the power of Miracle II.

In a spray bottle, put 50% Soap and 50% water, so it will spray. Spray the diluted Soap on the area and rub it in until it is all absorbed.

Spray on the Neutralizer, next (and if you get the 3x, all the better!) Rub the Neutralizer in, until fully absorbed.

Repeat a second time.

Repeat a third time.

Follow with the Neutralizer Gel ... rubbing it in until fully absorbed.

This may immediately relieve pain and continue to relieve pain for the next two days. Keep it up.

With problem areas, repeat this process three times a week.
On other days, apply as above, omitting the soap.

For an intense treatment, apply a cloth soaked with Neutralizer and wrap with plastic. Leave it on overnight.

NATURAL FACE LIFT : Use Miracle II Neutralizer gel every night over face and then the Miracle II Skin Moisturizer to keep in place. Go to bed with it on your face, it won't stain the bedding. It will tighten your skin immediately and may last up to five minutes.

ORAL USE : Take 7 drops of Neutralizer liquid(approx. one teaspoon) in 8 ounces of water, or juice in the AM before or after breakfast. If necessary, you may increase weekly from 1 teaspoon to 1 ounce of Neutralizer liquid daily.

PLANTS : Add 1/4 ounce (1/2 Tablespoon) Neutralizer to 1/4 oz Soap to 31oz of water in a 32 oz spray bottle. Attention: Do not use Soap by itself, it may harm the plants.

SETTING GEL : Use the Miracle II Neutralizer gel as a setting mousse after shampooing and/or combing hair.

SHAMPOOING : Attention women! Miracle II Soap may take hair coloring out of your hair and may restore your natural hair color.

SHAVING : Add 1 or 2 drops of Miracle II Soap on hands, rub in hands and apply to face for extra lather.

SHOWERING : Use a dime's worth of Soap on a wash cloth, enough for your whole body. Let foam stay on skin a little longer the first two or three bathing.

SKIN MOISTURIZER : Use for rough skin on knees and elbows. Use for dry, scaly, or flaky skin. You may use for chapped lips.

SPECIAL BATHING TIP : Leave soapy water in bathtub after bathing. Use 1 or 2 eight ounce cups in toilets to clean commodes and pipes. Soap is a natural degreaser and declogger. Also use soapy water to wash windows, no streaking on furniture or counter tops.

UNDERARM DEODORANT : Spray Miracle II Neutralizer on Deodorant Stone and apply under the arms.

  • Fatigue
  • Foggy thinking
  • Headaches
  • Lack of energy
  • Arthritis
  • Food allergies
  • Acne
  • Respiratory problems
  • Psoriasis
  • Sinus Problems
  • Bronchitis
  • Poor Immune System
  • Pneumonia
  • Mood Changes
  • Joint Aches
  • Excessive Mucus
  • Forgetfulness
  • Gray, Saggy Skin

The Most Valuable Asset We Possess Is Good Health

Today, the majority of people take good health for granted. People who have already lost this priceless asset acknowledge that we all need to educate ourselves in this area before we suffer unnecessarily. Whether we are young or old, we should make a conscious decision to learn how to protect our health. We are living in the most polluted times in the history of this world. Many of us have so many
toxins, stored waste, accumulated fat and poison that our cells have become a molecular garbage dump. This creates an environment which leads to degenerative diseases and possibly early death.

Why It’s Important To Know & Understand What Is Entering Your Body

The tragic news is that these pollutants are entering our bodies and invading our circulation. They accumulate in our cells and tissues. You may shrug your shoulders and say, "Well, big deal. What's wrong with a few impurities?"

Lets Take A Closer Look

The toxins - especially pesticides - take up residence in our fatty tissues. Few people realize that their brains contain significant amounts of a form of fat called phospholipids. Our nerve cells are encased in a membrane consisting of phospholipids. Many toxins are fat-soluble and thus can accumulate in fatty tissues and in cell membranes, including our brains.

What Is The Result Of A Continual Buildup Of Toxins?


In 1993 there were 1,672,127,735 pounds of toxic chemicals released into our air. This was according to Toxic Release Inventory of 1993, a report released by the EPA. You can live for weeks without food and days without water, but only minutes without air. If the air you are inhaling contains smog, chemicals, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and other pollutants, it goes into your lungs to your bloodstream. Each time you breathe, your heart is pumping toxic chemicals to every cell in your body.Your body is designed to eliminate dangerous poisons; yet, the sheer amount of poisons encountered daily is far more than any body was designed to deal with. Therefore, pesticides, their metabolites and other dangerous toxins eventually build up in your system over time. The greater the buildup, the more difficult it is for your body to eliminate these toxins.


Most of the chemicals that have been released into our air, sprayed on our farmlands or dumped into our landfills will eventually end up in our water. Rains will wash these chemicals out of the air and off our land into our lakes, streams and rivers. Undrinkable water is now a major problem in the U.S. due to chemical pollution. Fifty percent of our underground water is contaminated. More chemicals are added to our water to make it drinkable.  The long-term effects of chlorine are still unknown even after all these years.


This pollution is often even more dangerous to your health than what you inhale outside. Today's homes are much more airtight and well insulated than they were years ago, making them like sealed vaults for germs, bacteria and chemical toxins. Every chemical used in the construction of your home from paints, carpets, furniture and household cleaners, soaps, shampoos and the list goes on, you breathe it into your lungs with every breath. Dangerous indoor pollution is also created with the ever-increasing use of pesticides, which can be found in some really surprising products. Believe it or not, pesticides can be found in disposable diapers, shampoos, air fresheners, mattresses, carpets and even wallpaper. You are being exposed to pesticides every day. You may even have your home sprayed regularly with pesticides to control bugs.


The majority of people never really read the labels on their food to see what chemicals, additives, preservatives and dyes have been added to our foods. Most people do not know the names used as ingredients to mislead the public awareness.

Food additives are a long list of chemical substances that are added to your food for flavor, color, to make it last longer and for a host of other reasons. There are approximately 3,000 additives used in our food today. The largest group of food additives is the flavorings. Most flavoring agents are synthetic versions made from chemicals. Another group of food additives includes coloring agents, and most of these are also synthetic chemicals. Our bodies are overwhelmed with toxins daily. We are created to eliminate toxins through breathing, urination, bowel movements and the skin. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of toxins bombarding us daily overwhelms our bodies. Toxins that cannot be eliminated are stored in fatty tissue and joints.

The inside of the body gets coated with additives, fillers, dyes, yeast and acids in the food we eat. They coat the stomach walls like syrup on a plate. Most of the nutrients that are in the food cannot get through this coating. Overeating to satisfy the body needs creates many problems for people.

Even our skin gets coated when we cleanse our bodies with oils and soaps that are made from animal fats.  These products can clog the nearly 7 million pores on our skin.

This May Surprise You, But Many Food Additives Are Usually Made From Petroleum Or Coal Tar Products!

Other food additives include preservatives, bleaching agents, emulsifiers,
texturizers, humectants and ripening agents, such as ethylene gas, which is sprayed on bananas and tomatoes to make them ripen faster. So you can see that even your immune system is being bombarded with toxic chemicals from every direction. You are being exposed to pesticides, food additives, solvents and other chemicals through both your foods and environment every day.

This brochure gives only a brief overview concerning toxic buildup in our bodies and the urgent need for detoxification. There are things you can do to start this detoxification. Many people have found Miracle II products beneficial in their daily lives. Listed on the back panel are the basic products, which many of our members have found to be the most beneficial and some of their suggestions for the use of these products.

Miracle II Moisturizing Soap

Works to deep cleanse the millions of pores in your skin.  Especially formulated for normal to dry skin, this product is a favorite among our members for hand-washing and bathing purposes to clean the sweaty, waxy residue from the face, body and scalp.

The Neutralizer

When used internally, it neutralizes toxins and cleanses the walls of the stomach. It raises pH levels and acts to detox the body.  When used externally as a skin toner, the product helps cleanse pores without drying the skin.  Many of our customers add drops of the product into their soap dispensers to create shave foam that will ease the abrasions of shaving.

Miracle II Soap

A great all-purpose cleaner that will take the place of all your present household cleansers, yet is still mild enough to act as a body cleanser.  When skin pores are open, toxins are expelled and the body works the way it was intended.  

Neutralizer Gel

(A great addition to any first-aid kit.) The Gel has been formulated for those areas where you may wish the Neutralizer to linger such as scrapes, burns, swelling, toothaches, warts moles, wrinkles, age spots, rashes and bruises.  Many of our members, including dentists, use it for brushing teeth and report back that the gel keeps plaque from forming and encourages healthier gums.  Also, you can apply it to spider veins, stretch marks or nail fungus and join our members in their amazement!  

Skin Moisturizer

A non-greasy skin cream containing no additives or preservatives.  Made with cold-pressed natural oils with no chemicals, additives, preservatives or perfumes. Works well with our other products to protect and nourish skin!

About the Neutralizer: "An Emergency Room in a Bottle"

"I added a half ounce of neutralizer to my water every day and after about thirty days I felt my clothes getting loose. I had put some outfits on lay-away and when I went to purchase them I had to get a smaller size! I have always had trouble losing weight, but I am losing and not changing my diet one bit."
Vicki Bland, LPN

"I noticed a small infected area around my pierced belly button. The next day, after having applied gel to the area, the infection was gone!"
Victoria Lutz, Charlotte, N.C.

"I woke up with a throbbing earache so I put a few drops of the neutralizer in my ear. By morning the pain was totally gone!"
Jeffry Taylor, Atlanta, GA

"I had a severe burn on my arm and it has healed completely without a scar after using the gel on it. It healed so quickly I couldn't believe it! Also, after sunbathing with the gel I realized it must have an SPF of about 20."
Arden Conard, Atlanta, GA

"My baby had a terrible rash on his buttocks. I had tried many different products to get rid of it but the Miracle II gel healed the rash after two or three days of applying!" Rhonda Hoke, RN

About the Soap:

"What I love the most is that after I take a bath I don't have to scrub the tub. The soap doesn't leave scum residue. I love the way it makes my skin feel. This soap is my luxury." Jeanette Ledbetter, RN
"My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful about what I put on it. After testing the soap on a patch of my skin I did not have a reaction! It has been so difficult for me to find a soap that I don't have an allergic reaction to! I am hooked!"
Pamela, Atlanta, GA

"I have tried every treatment under the sun for my chronic fatigue syndrome. I find that soaking my body with the soap in a hot tub before going to bed at night helps me more than my oxygen treatments. I know a good product when I find one because I have tried so many. Miracle II is truly a miracle."
Mr. Carlisle, Plymouth, MA

"My dog chewed up a red lipstick container on my favorite tan leather chair. I couldn't believe the stains all came out with the soap!"
Patricia, Atlanta, GA

Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bell's Palsy

A few months ago I couldn't have written to you where you would be able to read my writing. I have arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Bell's Palsy in both hands. I am doing better after starting on Miracle II. I am even crocheting again which I hadn't done for quite some time.

Evelyn Trambley/ Oklahoma

Bathe Dogs/General Cleaning/Deodorizer:

November 23, 1990

I met you this past October and was introduced to your fine product. I have always said that I would really have to believe in a product before I would go public with how great I think it is. The Miracle II products have my full approval!

The very first night that I had the Miracle II Soap cleaner, I bathed my dogs in it. The white hair on my dog was just beautiful. I then cleaned my stove and the bathroom and was well pleased with the results.

My family uses the Miracle II Soap to clean jewelry, mirrors, picture frames and glass. We use it on the Etagere shelf and what-nots, to mop the floor and clean the refrigerator.

The Miracle II Soap took hardened scrambled eggs out of the skillet, as well as the dried milk in the bottom of glasses. My meat broiler pan came shiny clean. I have used this Soap in place of oil soap for cleaning antique furniture, for washing my child's cheerleading uniform and the white cummerbund to a band uniform. I use it in my liquid soap dispenser to wash our hands and I am fixing a bottle of the soap to take to the two year old Sunday School church room to use to remove crayon markings from the tables and walls.

Two weeks after buying the Soap, I purchased the deodorizer Neutralizer which was put to good use right away. I went to get some stored sweet potatoes out of a plastic bag. They were rotten to the point of juice dripping from them. This smelly juice got on my hands as well as the vegetable bin. The Miracle II deodorizer took the smell away. It is wonderful - I used it when my dog rolled in something smelly. I use the Neutralizer in my electric dishwasher in place of the Jet Dry and I mist my house plants with it.

I was thankful for the Soap and Neutralizer when one of my dogs had a really bad accident in several spots on an antique Persian rug. I was sick at heart when I saw and smelled the mess. The Miracle II was a miracle! Every spot came up and it left the rug so clean that I want to clean the entire rug with it.

This product has just been wonderful to wash the family's hair in and follow with the Neutralizer. My teenagers are using the two products to clean their face which has saved us a trip to the dermatologist. I will not be needing many of the store brand products. I am so excited about this product that I am buying a case so I can share with my family this wonderful find!

Mary F. Williams/Louisiana


August 31, 1991
While visiting my sister in Louisiana this summer, we met you at a market and were immediately curious when we saw Miracle II Soap. We believe in miracles. God healed my husband of cancer. We purchased several bottles of the Soap and Neutralizer. We began seeing results in a very few days. My daughter is 17 and has the usual teenage complexion problems. She has been using Miracle II regularly for six weeks and now is able to wear only a very light makeup base and at times uses no makeup. The change is remarkable.

Thank you so much for sharing this product with us. We now want to share it with others. May God Bless you.

Andrea Bryant/Virginia

Cut Toe:

On Sunday, August 16th, about 10:00am, my wife accidentally knocked the iron over and cut her toe. At the time it was stinging and hurting. I immediately put the Neutralizer on her toe. Around 4:00pm that day, she called me and said "Chad, look, you can't even see where it was cut." Surely it was a miracle how the product had worked. As God is my witness - that is the truth.

Chadrick Simpson/California

Diabetes, Eyes:

In August of 1992 I started using both the Neutralizer and the Soap. In a few days I began to feel better and look better. I have been ill for a long time. I am a diabetic - also blind in the right eye for two years, with pain in the right eye and right side of my head and neck every day. I also have limited sight in my left eye. I have been constipated all of my life and my skin was becoming dark and kind of hard.

After taking 1/2 oz. of Neutralizer in a glass of water for the last 3 weeks, my blood sugar is normal, I have more energy, and I have days now when there is less and less pain in the right eye and in the right side of my head and neck, and I can see better with my left eye. My skin is lighter and soft after using the Soap.

I really have to praise these wonderful. I would recommend these products to anyone needing a blessing.

Armanda Simpson/Wisconsin

Dog Flea Rash:

I had listened on the radio about the things that Miracle II could do. I was very skeptical. A friend had gotten some of it and I used it on my little dog who has an eczema from flea bites. It stopped the scratching and crying immediately and has saved me a lot of money on shots to stop the rash.

Thanking God and you,

Mrs. Carl Middleton/Louisiana

Dry Skin/Hair/Scars/Digestion:

My husband's legs were so dry that in the morning dry skin was on the sheets. After about two weeks you could see less. Now, one month later, his skin is like a baby. Not only this, but I have soft hair now and never has that been. It has always been dry and very hard to handle and now I really like the feel of it.

I have scars on my hands from skin problems real bad and after one month my friends can tell that they are looking much better and show the damage less and less. I have problems with upset stomach and use the Neutralizer in my drink each day. I can now eat hot food - acid foods and not have a burn in my side and an upset system.



The first time I used the Miracle II products, my hermorrhoidal tissues returned to normal. Thank God! I will not need surgery. Miracle II is truly a miracle.

Rita Abel/Mississippi

Itching Problem:

About a month ago my nephew, Lloyd Johnson was visiting me, and he was telling me about Miracle II products. Since I have had a very bad itching problem over my entire body, I have decided to buy a pack of the Soap and Neutralizer and within 24 hours the itching stopped and I could see a world of difference. I have told all my friends about Miracle II products and will recommend this product to anyone with skin problems.

Bill Rachel/Louisiana

Leather Skin:

March 20, 1994

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed Miracle II products. The Soap has done wonders for my old leathery skin and also my hair. My wife uses the Neutralizer not only for skin care, but takes 2 ounces a day with juice. We both feel Miracle II has made us healthier. Thanks.

James M. Gill/Florida


October 23, 1990

Thank you very much for your interest in and support of "Lady Bass" and for helping make our Classic a success! Thank you for "Miracle Odor-Go"! It really works! I guide on our home lake so I get a lot of use out of it. Thanks a lot!

Mary Satterfield/National/World Champion - National Angler of the Year/Illinois

Pet Odors, Fleas, Cleaning:

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write you and tell you how much my family has enjoyed using Miracle II. We have found that Miracle II is good for all types of cleaning. We use it in the bath and bathe our two dogs with it. We have found that Miracle II neutralizes pet odors, and flea problems. We also use Miracle II to clean our stove, and other kitchen areas. It easily cuts through grease, grime, and dirt leaving all surfaces clean and deodorized

Herb Otwell/Louisiana

Skin Cancer:

I have had skin cancer since age 21. I have had as many as 46 at a time burnt off and they all came back. But since using Miracle II, I have been clear of them and my skin is smooth and soft for the first time in years. There is really no praise high enough to give this really marvelous Soap. It truly is a Miracle. I would recommend it to anyone with any kind of skin problems.

You have my permission to use this letter as I feel everyone should be advised to what a wonderful product you have.

Lloyd Johnson/Texas

Toenail Fungus, Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Mouth Ulcers:

My name is Rachel Gunn and I am a Registered Nurse.

The first time I heard about Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer, I had a fungus under my toenail for 3 years. I had been to 3 dermatologists - spent a lot of money on office visits and a lot on medicines that did not help. So, I decided to try yours, but I decided to try the Soap - one drop on toenail and massage around toenail and leave on - twice a day. In 6 months the fungus was gone and toenail looked normal again. I continued this for approximately 1 year because fungus are notorious for coming back. It's wonderful having normal toenails again - thanks.

Last month at the flea market in Flower, MS I bought more and decided to really give it a try. I started bathing with the Soap, using it as a shampoo and shaving cream. It is wonderful. How did I get along without it before? My husband also tried Miracle Soap and the shampoo and he couldn't believe how good it made his hair feel. It's wonderful having one bottle in the shower - it made my skin so soft and really clean. My hair is so shiny - I can't believe it. The Soap as a shaving cream really shocked me - I can't believe how soft my legs are - and it helps to keep my tub clean.

The Neutralizer is wonderful - I first used it as a sunscreen and it was Great - No burning! I also used it as an insect repellent and it's wonderful!! If someone has a sunburn, rub a little Neutralizer on and it takes the burn out - we tried it! If you already have insect bites - put Neutralizer Gel on them and it will take the itch away - it really worked!

My daughter and I had ulcers in our mouth. We tried the Neutralizer in our mouth and held it a while and it took the sting out. Also, I dipped a q-tip in the Neutralizer and rubbed it directly on the ulcers - it was great - what a difference. I also put the Neutralizer in a spray bottle and spray it on my hair before I dry it - it's great! Thanks so much!!

Rachel Gunn/Mississippi

Sore Buttocks:

I have been using the Soap and Neutralizer since July and like the results.

My husband, who is in a nursing home, has a skin problem. His buttocks was so sore and raw and they were having trouble healing it up as he scratched so much. I carried half a bottle each of the Soap and Neutralizer to the home and asked the nurse if they would use it, so they got permission to do so. After the first application, they were amazed at the results. It was not as red and the itching has stopped. Some of the nurses said they would like to have some of it.

Dorothy Downey/Louisiana

Soap, Cleaner, Degreaser, Deodorizer:

I came home today to find a fourth of my carport covered with FIRE ANTS. There were so many of them I felt terrified. I immediately filled a spray bottle with water and approximately 2 to 3 oz of Industrial strength Miracle II. I sprayed on the ants, found the main bed and sprayed it. Within several hours all ants were dead.

As long as I live I will thank God for giving you the vision for this formula because it is all you will need in your home. It cleans, deodorizes, and degreases any surface.

Faithfully yours,

(Mrs.) Betty R. Dean


I used some of your Neutralizer for tooth pain on Sunday evening. At this writing it is Wednesday and I have not been bothered by the pain since I used it on Sunday. My mouth had been hurting so bad - the whole left side hurt. I couldn't tell which tooth was hurting. I was surprised and relieved your product worked so fast and has lasted so long. Thanks so much for your wonderful product.

Debbie Terral

Teeth Stain:

My husband brushes his teeth with this and it has taken the brown stain from smoking away. We were just about out of it and we don't want to use anything else. We feel and smell cleaner, even after 12-18 hours of outside work. We feel clean and know it is God's work - we love it.

Thank you - Bless you

Velva Housworth/Texas


Hello, I'm 16 years old and I had warts (15 of them) and I could not find something to get rid of them. I have had them for several years. I moved down here from Colorado to live with my aunt and grandmother. That was when I was introduced to your product of "Neutralizer." My grandmother kept trying to get me to use it, but I didn't have faith in it. Then I started using it like a daily lotion and about 2 1/2 week later my warts went away. You can't hardly tell they were there. I wear rings and now it's easier to put them on and take them off. Thank you so much, and God Bless you all.

Sincerely yours,

Jennifer Meads/Louisiana

Personal Use Testimonials:

"I have had small red bumps on the backs of my upper arms for most of my life. After bathing in Miracle II? Soap and using the Miracle II Skin Moisturizer Lotion for approximately 30 days, the bumps disappeared and have not returned. That was over a year ago; they're still gone, and I'm still using the Miracle II products with lasting results". (JG, Winnsboro, LA)

"I use Miracle II Neutralizer (liquid form) in a small spray bottle for many different things. After every shower, I spray a small amount between all my toes, and I have no longer have any signs of athletes' feet. I have also used this product on ant bites and wasp stings with great results - the pain diminishes and I don't experience any swelling and/or festering. However, I've learned that I must use the Neutralizer immediately after being bitten or stung to have the best results. I also recently started shampooing my hair with Miracle II Soap (with moisturizer) because I was having little infected places show up near the hair follicles in different places on my scalp from time to time. Since shampooing with the Miracle II soap, I no longer have that problem." (STM, Winnsboro, LA)

Residential Use Testimonial:

" After I started using Miracle II Soap with moisturizer for my baths and showers, I noticed that I did not have to clean the tub and shower enclosure like I once did. I started to pay attention and realized that the Miracle II Soap left no film or residue like other soap products had done. Now I'm cleaning my bathroom fixtures as I shower or bathe. Miracle II Soap does double duty." (JMM, Baskin, LA)

Farm/ Ranch Use Testimonial:

"GL reported (using) 4 oz. of Miracle II Soap and 4 oz. of Miracle II Neutralizer in 25 gallons of water per acre sprayed on land to detox the soil, this caused the ph to become perfect for plants. He had tomatoes to grow 20 foot long vines....He sprayed the plants with 2 oz. Neutralizer per gallon of water every 2 weeks for foliage feeding....used the Soap and Neutralizer for insect control." (CT, West Monroe, LA)

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