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Netterumani Detox Foot Patch

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Netterumani Detox Foot Patch

Netterumani Detox Foot Patch (30

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Netterumani Detoxi Foot Patch


product boxNetterumani Detoxi foot patch is a Herbal Medicine categorized as CAM(Complementary Alternative Medicine) based on TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) technology. It is specially designed foot patch applied to feet and its name means While Sleeping in Japanese.

Why Detoxi Foot Patch Netterumani Is Essential For Your Well Being?

Human body releases its wastes through the sweat, urine and others, but some wastes are not completely discharged and accumulated in the body. These accumulated wastes prevent human organs from functioning properly and staying in active condition.

By simply applying to the bottom of your foot before bedtime, it detoxify the wastes which are not completely discharged and accumulated in the body and stimulates reflex points on the bottom of foot leaving the body light and refreshed.

foot patch

Recommended By:

Medical Association Japan Chronic Disease Prevention
Korea Chronic Disease Prevention
Selected As The Best Selling Goods By Home Shopping Program/ Major Newspapers
Patent Pending In Japan & Korea

How It Works

Osmosis Pressure:

An advanced method of water treatment that relies on a semi-permeable membrane to separate clear waters from saltwater and in this process water permeates the membrane but the salt water would not be able to. Thus, the osmosis filtration will result in disparity and this is called “Osmosis Pressure”.

Plant Osmosis Pressure:

feetUnderground water sucked in by the tree roots and transported to the leaves by osmosis pressure. Especially during the day time tree sap in the leaves dries out and increase condensation of the liquid solution, the leaves sucks in required aqueous liquid from their root. This effect is generally called Osmosis Pressure effect, transporting water, stored by roots sucking in liquids from underground soil, and transport to 10m or even up to higher than 100 meter above the ground to supply to the leaves.  
Such power of delivery is applied to produce so called Sap Sheet, the “Netterumain”. The stethoscope that we easily find on the doctors in the general hospital was used to detect and select the tree with most powerful osmosis pressure.  We ended up with Eucalyptus tree.  
Netterumani is an only sap sheet on the face of the earth using Eucalyptus from Brazil, the most powerful osmosis pressure.

Sap Sheet & Osmosis Pressure:
If your feet sweat, the sole and the sap sheet will be dampened.  This effect is called osmosis pressure, which is a fundamental rule to growth of a tree, between your feet and the sap sheet.



The acupunctural “Reflexion Principles” on the sole is said to have been formulated by legendary doctor Hua Tuo during Hou Han Dynasty in China more than two thousand years ago. If the periphery nerve bundle found on the sole, in traditional oriental medical terminology calls it a core acupunctural point and approximately around 60 of them are concentrated here, be stimulated each nerve corresponding to each organ in human body be activated.  In other words, say that your nerve on the sole which corresponds to your heart be stimulated with acupunctural needle your heart will react and be activated (the principles of foot acupuncture). The tourmaline in Netterumani will react to the body fluid and create anion, far-infrared rays and electricity effect on your body, and this effect is as if you are having acupunctural therapy.

As the Principles extended widely even to the western world and gotten accepted by them, the new occupation emerged, the foot massage therapist, and now it became very popular. Before the civilization, every mankind walked on the rough ground barefooted and this helped maintain and manage their healthy lives.  But the civilization and development have brought us all the better lifestyles except to keep healthier body by keeping ourselves away from getting direct and natural foot massage by the ground. Thus, the foot massage therapy is gradually becoming more and more accepted and popular by all people in every society, in order for them to retain their desired health.  The foot is a secondary heart and is an extension of all of the organs in your body, as well as having great influence on entire blood circulation.

Item : Sap Sheet (30 Sheets)
Place of Origin : Japan
Substances : Agaricus Mashroom powder (Brazil) Eucalyptus Tree (Brazil) Tourmaline Powder (Brazil)
Consist of : 32 Sap Sheets and 32 adhesives
Case size ( W*L*H) : 165mm x 205mm x 45mm

More Detail

Agaricus Mushroom Powder

Agaricus Mushroom

Containing high percentage of potent immunity generator, the betaglucan, Agaricus mushroom surely is known widely as anti-cancer and anti-diabetes non-medical dietetic treatment.  It became known widely soon after Ronald Reagan, the former president of the US, treated his skin-cancer with the Agaricus mushroom. Agaricus mushroom powder, particularly the core component of Netterumani, is being cultivated pure naturally without any agricultural chemical or fertilizer substance as long ago Incas have, by one of the only four other special farms with AAO mark.



Tourmaline or diatomite develops far-infrared rays magnetic and when they touch the skin they can absorb the rays of human body and can convert anion and Far-infrared rays.  In other words, Tourmaline can emit far-infrared rays with the same frequency as that of the human body and activate the body cells, resist cold and warm the body by improving blood circulation and metabolism, enhance the vitality and immunity of the body. Especially, the electricity formulated by Netterumani-tourmaline substance reacts as if your are having acupunctural therapy on your sole. 

Eucalyptus Sap Powder


The incredible suction of toxins out from your body is due to Eucalyptus tree substances in the Netterumani.  The Eucalyptus tree, the tallest tree in the world grown from only a few particular locations in Brazil, does have the liquid soil absorption power over 100 meter below from the top of the tree.  If you are to plant it on the swamp, within a few years later the swamp would dry out completely.

How To Use

  1. Tear off the cover and take the adhesive out
  2. Take off the middle section of the adhesive
  3. Then place the Netterumani sap sheet packet onto the center of adhesive. Make sure the words on the packet are facing downward.


3 ingredients

Recommended to apply the sheet on your soles while you are asleep and in the morning, take them off and wipe the sticky fluid off the sole with wet towel. If you don’t see such result in the morning you may use it again.  Depend on physical constitution and condition of each person some may not see the overnight result.  If so, you may have to use the same sheet for 3 or 4 days to the result.


  1. When you apply Netterumani on to your sole of the foot you will have to make sure that the side with words of the packet be on to your sole.
  2. We advise you to apply 3 packets on to each of your sole if you are first time user and in the morning, when you are removing the sheets off from the sole please note that which part out of 3 are with the most waste residue.
  3. It's recommended to wear socks over the applied sheets so that you can protect yourself or other family members from contamination as well as increase adhesive tension.
  4. Please do not have the sheet applied directly to your eyes, the sexual organ, anus or wound.
  5. Please do not use when the packet is open. You may be contaminated through inhaling, eyes or nose contact with the powder substance, strong acidity, while it's open in the air.
  6. Please do not use the packet if you are pregnant. We have no experiment data on pregnancy.

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AMD registration FDA RCH safety approval RCH toxic waste certification NDC certification FDA
Distribution approval by FDA to serve pharmaceutical stores. March 2003

Medical Device registration by FDA. Nov 2002

RCH safety approval by FDA. Jan 2002

RCH toxic waste analysis certification by FDA
1. What Is The Meaning Of Netterumani?
Netterumani, is Japanese and means While Asleep in English.  While asleep natural absorbent Eucalyptus Tree sap in the Netterumani extracts toxin substance out from your body.

2. What Are The Major Ingredients Of Netterumani?
Agaricus mushroom from Brazil Tree Sap powder from Eucalyptus tree in Brazil   Tourmaline (from Ionic mineral spring) Starches.

3. When Was The Netterumani Launched?
The sap sheet was discovered in Japan in 1998. Netterumani was produced in 1999 and dominated the market completely.

7. How Long Do I Leave The Netterumani On For Best Results?
4 to 8 hours is recommended.  You may simply have it on while you are asleep and remove it in the morning but it is advised not to have it on for more than 12 hours.

8. How Often Should I Be Using It?
It is recommended to apply Netterumani for at least a week for an effective outcome, but of course many may find its effectiveness over one night. Your body is continually generating and disposing of toxic wastes. Therefore users will notice that when used on the soles, the Netterumani sap sheets tend to be wet even after regular use. This is quite normal.

9. Are There Any Adverse Side Effects That I Should Be Aware Of?
As any tree sap contains some degree (2~3) of acidity elements we advise not to have contact with eyes or eat.  If you are a person with frail skin you might find some sort of skin trouble or allergy effect.  Please refer to the enclosed User's Guide for the further information.

10. How Does Netterumani Work?
1) The patch is placed in contact with the skin, and held in place over a number of hours. The typical contact points on the body chosen would be the soles of the feet. The concept of stimulating acupuncture points at the base of the feet through reflexology massage is well established. Meridians may be understood as channels that link various parts of the body. Eucalyptus tree sap powder in contact with air will start to oxidize and the ion mineral spring of alkali, as a catalyzer, accelerates substance oxidization. Here, the oxidization process generates heat and the heat opens skin pores and fat glands on the sole of the feet and upon cell osmosis pressure the hygroscopic Netterumani sap sheet absorbs liquid fluid out from your body.  Also, the Agaricus mushroom along with Eucalyptus sap sheet stimulates meridian points on the sole.

2) We human beings are discharging waste toxic matters out from our body generally through excrement and sweat but not completely.  These leftover remaining toxins will be sucked out while you are having Netterumani on.  

11. What Sort Of Result Should I Be Expecting?
1) First of all, you will have good night sleep with warm feet.

2) Enhenced blood circulation, toxic waste out from your body as well as healing pains.

3) Very strongly react to swollen areas and preventing from it
) Small amount of electricity generated by Tourmaline will activate every part of your body and result in healthier system

12. What's The Difference Between Netterumani & Other Sap Sheets?

- There is about 20 different makers for similar product in Korea. However, the Netterumani is processed only with pure naturally grown Agaricus mushroom, Eucalyptus sap as well as Tourmaline of Brazil AAO approved.

- Recommended by the Japan and Korea Association of Adult-diseases Prevention.

- Netterumani was recommended by the Korean Association of Chronic Disease Prevention.

- Netterumani acquired RCH of FDA safety approval.

- Toxic waste substances was confirmed by RCH Lab.

- Selected as a hit product in Japan as well as in Korea.

- Patent pending

13. Is Netterumani A Medicine?
Netterumani is not a medicine but its effect is just as good as medicine.

14. Why Is The Patch Sometimes Not Wet?
The powder substances in Netterumani patch are hygroscopic and if the place you have applied Netterumani is of high fluid accumulation as your soles of the feet, then the patch will likely be wet but If the patch is applied to a joint or other part of the body where there is not much of fluid retention, then the powder will remain relatively dry, even after over a night.

15. Why there is burnt wood smell?
Pasture sap is vaporized and discharged with smoke while burning of tree, and then it is liquefied and ripened for about a year. Therefore, you may find yourself with a burnt-wood smell.

16. Recommended Usage
It is advise to apply to soles of the feet and you may also use it on you during the daytime, as well as during the night. You may reuse the patch if it is not wet.
For further usages, please refer to "Netterumani User's Guide."

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