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Certified Organic Chlorella Tablets

Certified Organic Chlorella Tablets Image
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Certified Organic Chlorella Tablets

Perfect Mother Nature

1,250 - 200 mg Tablets

Price: $56.85

Perfect Mother Nature - Certified Organic Chlorella Tablets

Perfect Mother Nature Broken Cell-Wall Chlorella Tablets are USDA Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Vegan Friendly, and are cultivated and manufactured in a Certified GMP (Clean) Facility in Taiwan. This ensures a higher grade, unadulterated, and absolutely clean end-product that is 100% Chlorella, and has none of the additives or fillers that have become more commonplace with other manufacturers in recent years.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a nutritionally dense green algae that is rich in protein, antioxidants vitamins, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, phytonutrients, and minerals. Like spirulina it contains such a wide and impressive array of foundational nutrients and trace nutrients that it too is considered to be one of the Dietary Superfoods.

Chlorella contains antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamins C, D, E, and Vitamin K. It also contains the brain vitalizing B-Complex Vitamins as well as Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline, and Pantothenic Acid, which itself is oftentimes utilized for the symptoms of muscle cramping. It's mineral profile consists of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Iron. Additionally the Essential Fatty Acids Omega-3, Omega-6, and Oleic Acid; all of which are necessary for proper health are all present and naturally occuring within Chlorella. With a high dietary fiber content, Chlorella also promotes healthy digestion, making it a great choice for weight maintenance.

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Why is Perfect Mother Nature Chlorella Sourced From Taiwan?

Like Spirulina, a large percentage of the Chlorella Products sold in the United States are cultivated and manufactured from Hawaiian Sources. The process that is employed in cultivating these Chlorella Products is the same as Spirulina, and will utilize up to 15% deep ocean sea water and is added to the growing tanks, whereas the space remaining is filled with fresh water. From this point the Chlorella Algae will grow within these tanks until maturity then harvested.

In light of the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, the general public's concerns were raised considerably with regard to the possibility of trace amounts of radiation being found in food products. To date, those concerns have been widely addressed already, and the various government and media sources have deemed many food products from Japan and other Pacific Regions to be safe for human consumption.

Even so, our philosophy at Perfect Mother Nature is that our products should always be sourced from environments that have a clean record for environmental pollution, and more pointedly in this case, also out of the line of any potentially affected areas as it were. So as a result, we at Perfect Mother Nature have proactively chosen to source our Chlorella from Taiwan, and our Chlorella Tablets are cultivated and manufactured at a Certified GMP (Clean) Facility, and is a GMO-Free, Vegan Friendly, USDA Certified Organic Product.


The Science On Chlorella

Beneficial Effects For Anemia, Proteinuria, and Edema

In a double blind study, Japanese researchers gave a group of 32 pregnant women 6,000 mg of Chlorella daily starting from between the 12th and 18th week period of their pregnancies until delivery. Whereas the control group of 38 women received no supplements at all. For the group supplementing with Chlorella, the incidence of Anemia as measured by hemoglobin during the period of the second and third trimesters was significantly lower than the control group. Researchers also noted that the incidence of Proteinuria (abnormal protein levels in the blood due to inflamed kidneys), and Edema (excess fluid collecting within the tissues) were significantly lower than the control group. Researchers concluded that, "Chlorella supplementation significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy associated anemia, proteinuria and edema.. and that Chlorella supplement may be useful as a resource of natural folate, vitamin B-12 and iron for pregnant women." [1]

Beneficial Effects For Diabetes

Utilizing gene expression analysis, researchers noted clear variations in the expression profiles of genes directly related to the of glucose resulting from the consumption of Chlorella. This indicated to researchers that Chlorella may have activated the insulin signaling pathways which in turn could be the reason for Chlorella's blood sugar lowering effects. [2]

Chlorella Enhances the Purity & Quality of Breast Milk

Dioxins are by-products of various industrial processes. They are considered highly toxic and able to cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer. [3] Dioxins were detected at high concentrations in human breast milk in Japan, raising concerns about disorders in nursing infants caused by breast milk containing various dioxins. So in 2007 Japanese researchers analyzed the dioxin levels in the breast milk and maternal blood samples of 35 pregnant women. 18 of these women were supplemented with Chlorella during their pregnancies, and the effects upon dioxin toxicity in breast milk were investigated. The results showed a significant reduction in dioxin levels as compared to the control group. Additionally the concentrations of "Immunoglobulin A," in the breast milk (important in reducing the risk of infections for nursing infants) was also significantly higher than those of the control group. [4] The findings demonstrate that Mother's supplementing with Chlorella can enhance the purity of their breast milk, and can also boost their baby's immune function.

Environmental Pollution

In a South Korean study researchers concluded that Cadmium Toxicity, an environmental pollutant and endocrine disruptor, could be alleviated through consuming Chlorella and thereby increasing cadmium excretion through the feces. Chlorella was seen as an appropriate source to counteract heavy metal poisoning, and decrease the damage of tissues by decreasing cadmium absorption. [5]  

In another study researchers investigated the detoxification ability of Chlorella with respect to Chlordecone, a controversial chemical compound and insecticide related Mirex and DDT. Researchers observed that Chlorella accelerated the detoxification of chlordecone poisoned rats, and decreased the half-life of the toxin from 40 to 19 days. [6]


In May of 2000, researchers set out to discover if nutritional supplementation with Chlorella would produce any improvements in the clinical and functional status of patients suffering from moderately severe symptoms of fibromyalgia. The results of this pilot study suggest that Chlorella supplementation may help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms in some patients, yet more comprehensive clinical trials are warranted. [7]

Heart Health

The cholesterol lowering benefits of Chlorella have been well documented. One such Chlorella Study conducted  by South Korean Researchers in 2014, summed up these findings in the conclusion to their double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study by stating: "Daily consumption of Chlorella supplements provided the potential of health benefits reducing serum lipid risk factors, mainly triglycerides and total cholesterol, in mildly hypercholesterolemic subjects. The effect was related to carotenoid consumption." [8]


In a 2012 South Korean Study, Researchers observed immunostimulatory effects of short-term Chlorella supplementation. The supplementation of Chlorella was marked by an increase in NK-cell activity that produced INF-γ and IL-12 as well as IL-1β, the Th-1 cell-induced cytokines. [9] In short, Chlorella exhibits anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

NK-cells, or Natural Killer Cells are an important focus in immunology and serve an important role in adaptive immune response. Bone marrow production decreases with age, as does the activity of the thymus gland. That being said, NK-cells are known to differentiate and mature within the bone marrow and thymus glands. [10] This fact alone is telling, and illustrates an aspect with which many within the elder population will suffer decreases in immune function, and further implies that Chlorella supplementation may be very helpful to many within this population while under the supervision of attending physicians.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Research has shown that the supplementation of Chlorella has a demonstrated ability to help rid the body of unwanted heavy metal accumulation. In one 2011 Study, Chlorella was shown to exhibit a protective ability by suppressing methylmercury transfer to the fetus's of pregnant mice. The results also revealed that supplementation of Chlorella also suppressed the methylmercury poisoning from accumulating in the brains of the mothers. [11] This is a very important finding, as exposure to methylmercury during pregnancy has been linked to brain and spinal chord damage in infants, leading to symptoms similar to those seen in cerebral palsy. [12] These findings along with Chlorella's ability to enhance the purity of human breast milk are good reasons for expecting mothers to discuss with their doctors the possibility of making the dietary addition of supplementing with Chlorella during pregnancy. [6]

Cadmium is another heavy metal environmental pollutant and endocrine disruptor that is commonly found in ambient air emissions from fossil fuel generation plants, and emitted from other industries. Human ingestion of cadmium can occur from the consumption of plants grown in contaminated soil, or from the consumption of animal products raised on contaminated plants themselves. Although exposure from airborne emissions are a smaller contributor in terms of direct exposure, cigarette smoking however has been said to essentially double the average person's daily cadmium exposure. [13]

In a South Korean study researchers concluded that Cadmium Toxicity, an environmental pollutant and endocrine disruptor, could be alleviated through consuming Chlorella and thereby increasing cadmium excretion through the feces. Chlorella was seen as an appropriate source to counteract heavy metal poisoning, and decrease the damage of tissues by decreasing cadmium absorption. [3] 


Maintenance Dosage: 15 to 25 Tablets with or between meals.

Protein Substitute: 45 to 50 Tablets with or between meals.

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